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ELLE magazine are doing another feature with Benefit for the month of July. Benefit has always been a brand I adore so the minute I seen this, I had to have it (and I also wanted some magazine-eye-candy to stare at whilst I was on the train back to Newcastle). Over the past few months I've noticed ELLE have partnered with Benefit a lot, but I always stayed clear. This month, I thought I'd join in. 

As many of you most-likely know, Benefit have released a new brow collection and it looks amaze! So I was just wandering through Sainsbury's today when I seen that ELLE is featuring a travel sized Goof-Proof Brow Pencil; which at full-size retails at £18.50. With the magazine being just £4.10, buying this will not only bag you ELLE's July addition but also a Benefit product and a free brow wax at any Benefit store. Absolute steal I'd say. 

I have always been a huge fan of ELLE, so why not, it was deffos a 2-in-1 for me. And will Bella Hadid on the cover, how can you argue with that!

I was gifted the shade 6, which I was disappointed with at first because I would usually opt for a lighter, warmer brown. Anyways, I gave it a go and I was actually pleasantly surprised. Like a lot of brow products, using the pencil lightly made the darkness of the pencil a lot subtler. So, panic over, the unlucky colour isn't so unlucky. 

With the product itself, the pencil is really soft and although it seems quite small and fiddly, it's smallness really helps with the accuracy. The angled tip is also a bonus. As you may have seen in my brow routine from my last blog post, I am a shadow-girl for brows and try to stay clear of bold pencils and gels for a more natural look. But I definitely think I will be adding this number to my brow routine; more to add definition to the arch of my brows. 

And can we talk about the packaging please!! How cute is this. I love the silver and pink combo that runs through their brow collection; its just the cutest girly-est thing ever. 

So I gave it a try,

Overall, I loved this little taster. But then again who doesn't love a Benefit brow pencil for £4.10. I'm not too sure whether I'll be rushing to my nearest Benefit counter to purchase a full-size JUST yet, but I'll see how I go. Also, I'm sure this edition will fly off the shelves so be quick if you want to get your paws on one!

Hope you lot enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you love a good brow-post, then make sure to check out my brow routine from last week. 

Also, if anyone has any super-good brow products that are worthy of trying, hit me up in the comments below!

And lastly, I am back in my flat in Newcastle at the minute so be prepared for a few student-based blog-posts coming up. It's so good to be back.

Have a lovely day,


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  1. Wow!
    It's amazing that they added a benefit freebie in the ELLE magazine! ;)


    1. I am definitely late to the party on this one! Love the brow pencil though. Thank you so much for reading!

      Lau xx

  2. Such a good freebie!! Will have to get my hands on it ASAP.

    1. Definitely. I'm seriously loving it at the minute! Marie Claire are also giving away a Benefit Brow Gel atm!

      Lau xx



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