BEAUTY HACK: High-end Primer VS High-street Primer ??


               ~ Although the Nivea product is not a primer, the new hype involves treating it as one. So this is where the inspiration of this review comes from ~

Recently, there has been a huge hype over a certain 'primer' disguised as a men's skin-care product. Like me, you have probably already jumped on this band-wagon because of how affordable and brilliant the product is. But, is it really that good?

I first heard of this product off a friend at work, and funnily-enough, my Dad had one lying around... imagine finding the latest holy-grail, skin product in your Dad's wardrobe. Well me and my sister stole it straight away and to be honest, we haven't given it back since (sorry Dad). Anyways, it's the Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm. Retailing at £2.50 (currently) in Tesco or £5.35 in Boots, it's the cheapest 'primer' I've ever seen.

To be completely honest, I hadn't done that much research before I tried this out. The fact that we already had a bottle lying around sold me. But since I started using it, it's worked absolutely fine:a little of the product goes a long way and yes, it does keep my makeup in place all day. 

I must say, I have seen a few YouTube videos stressing how this product may not be the best for certain skin types, but for me, it does the trick. And of corse, the packaging isn't built to fit in a compact makeup bag like usual primers, so I use a small plastic container and carry that around with me instead. 

But is this 'primer' REALLY worth the hype?

Sometimes, if something is cheap, I catch myself jumping to buy it because of how affordable it is, and forget about the quality. So this leads me to an old high-end favourite of mine, MAC's Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage: something I have repurchased around 4 times now. Retailing at £21.50, I am constantly getting compliments on how smooth my skin looks, and it's all down to this. If any of you have tried this, hopefully you will be able to relate with how silky it makes your makeup look.

Ok ok.. it is a lot more pricey but the product has a whipped, thick consistency which soaks into the skin immediately; something the Nivea Balm lacks. The Post-shave balm is much more watery, and for someone with dry skin, this is a nightmare. Yes it is hydrating but bloody-hell, sometimes I find myself waving my hands around my face to get it to dry, and if I'm in a rush, sometimes I just forget about primer for the day because of this. 

So the verdict., to all the students out there, I would definitely recommend you get your hands on a bottle of Post-shave balm. Although I do love the Skin Base Visage, I am still using the Nivea Balm on a day-to-day basis because it is still an excellent primer substitute and at the minute, I am incredibly skint and saving money for rent.

But.. if you have a bit of money to spend, I would save your £5.00 and ignore the hype. Yes the Nivea balm does the job, but personally, I have tried other primers that get a bigger gold star from me. Of corse this is predictable because the Nivea isn't made to be a primer, but if you're on the look for one don't be fooled by the cheapness! If you also don't fancy the MAC, then check out Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer or their Photo Finish Hydrating Primer; they're both excellent.

Sorry for bursting your bubble if you adore your Nivea balm, I know a lot of people love this product. But thank you so much for reading. Hope you have a lovely day! All products mentioned are linked in this post if you're interested. 

Lots of love, 

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