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As many of you know, August bank holiday not only provides an excuse to go out on a Sunday night, but also several major British festivals. Two of which are Leeds and Reading Festival and Daresbury's, Creamfields Festival. Back in both 2013 and 2014, I went to Leeds festival over the bank holiday, but as soon as I turned 18, I moved onto Creamfields instead. Don't get me wrong, Leeds is an amazing festival but as much as I love bands, I am definitely swayed more towards DJs. 

So 2016, I thought I'd get back to Creamfields after attending last year (2015), and why not show what I'm packing and preppin', almost like a step-by-step of what you need for any summer-time, British Festival. 

No.1 : A Tent. (the most obvious) 
- Unless you're lucky enough to stay in a hotel, Festival camping can be pretty brutal if the weather makes a turn for the worst. Personally, I really don't mind the camping experience. Totally embrace the no-shower, no shampoo look. 
But come on, it's pretty much common sense to get yourself a tent. And make it a good one. Even though it says 'waterproof', you're £10 tent from Asda may not keep you snug and dry. 
Another thing to think about is an air bed. This year I'm staying clear from an air bed simply because they're bloody heavy and sometimes a nightmare to inflate, so I've got myself a roll-out mat instead with blankets and a sleeping bag. But either will do.

No.2 : Prepare for the worst weather. (it will probably rain and be muddy)
- Unfortunately, our British festivals aren't exactly Coachella weather so always prepare for the worst. Hoodies, Wooly Pjs, Waterproofs, Wellies, Extra socks... bring them all. 

You will most likely need them. I took my Adidas Superstars to Parklife and they got absolutely ruined, so learn from my mistake. Fingers crossed for dry weather though. 

No.3 : Lots and Lots of Baby Wipes. (toiletry essentials)
- So you're going 3-5 days without a shower. Meaning everyone's gonna get pretty smelly. So cram as many packets of Baby Wipes, Deodorant and Dry Shampoo that you can into your backpack. There is never such thing as too many baby wipes at a festival. 

Another thing, is if you're praying for sun like me, maybe bring a bottle of sun-cream. The un-predictable-ness of British weather is just ridiculous sometimes, so better to be safe than sorry. 

Of corse don't forget a hair brush, bobbles/grips etc, paracetamol (for those horrendous hangovers) and toothpaste + a toothbrush; you'll need them too. 

No.4 : Suitable clothing. (think practical before fashionable)
- I know we all love to pretend we're Kylie Jenner at Coachella but come on, wooden wedges and a maxi-dress may not be the best attire. Every year I go for jersey dresses and denim shorts with little cropped tshirts and things I wouldn't mind getting ruined. I do get a little bit excited and buy a few new items but never anything majorly expensive. 

Denim shorts are your new best friend. But also..*Parent Voice*... don't forget extra underwear and socks. You're in the middle of a field, there's no Primark around to buy cheap spares if you run out. Also don't forget a small bag to carry your belongings when your in the arenas. 

I always go for a bumbag. They're small, compact and unlikely to get stolen because they're strapped to your body. 

No.5 : Food. (the most important)

- Right, so if you're in a field for 5 days, you're gonna get hungry some time. Think dry food. Pot Noodles, Lunchables, Sandwiches, Crisps, Cereal bars, things that won't go out of date quick. If you have some spare room in your luggage, get yourselves a camping stove and have a wider variety of food. 
Festivals also have bloody loads of burger vans and noodle bars too if you don't fancy living off sandwiches- so that's always an option. And they always sell hot water- perfect for you Pot Noodle lovers out there. Only thing is.. they can be bloomin' expensive. But if you have the money to spend, you definitely wont starve. 

The Pizza below was £10 from Leeds Festival 2013. A little pricey, but pretty standard for a festival.

No.6 : Alcohol. (arguably the most important) 
- Festivals and being with your mates most likely involves getting very drunk at some point. For me, the best kind of festival booze is crates of cider and lager. Although they're heavy, they're compact and they don't require any glasses or mixers to go with. 

All of the main supermarkets have super good deals on near festival season so make sure you check out the prices if you're heading away. 

And remember a plastic cup or beaker, they really come in handy.

No.7 : Phone Charger. (I bet you forgot about this one)
- If you're one of those people who wanna show everyone how much of a good time you're having and make them super jealous- this is a NECESSITY. A portable phone charger. Not gonna lie, I still need to get myself one of these before Thursday so I'm hunting everywhere for a good one. Some festivals, like Creamfields last year, provide portable phone chargers. 

The 2015 Daresbury festival included Volt, and I loved it. Basically, you paid £20 for a charger, used it all weekend with 3 free charges (one for each day) and if you returned it before the festival ended, you received £10 back. And it worked well for me. 

Unfortunately, Creamfields isn't offering this this year and only offering the phone charging stands, which cost a bomb for about 5 minutes of charge, so I'm screwed. 

If you're lucky, your festival may have Volt, if not, apparently Aldi and all the major supermarkets sell them cheap.  

No.8 : Transport. (organisation is hard but key)
- Unless you live on the doorstep of a festival, most of us will be organising transport to our festivals. And for me, it's usually a bus/mini-bus organised (badly) by ourselves. 

Because I'm in the North East, getting to Daresbury for cheap isn't always easy. But if you book early and get a lot of people together, it won't be extortionate. Just get it organised as soon as possible, then you can start getting excited. 

If a bus isn't your thing, some people prefer to drive themselves or get the train instead- whatever you fancy.

No. 9: Make-up. (your most prized makeup possession may not be the best choice)
- Ok so you're going to be smelly without a shower, but at least you can still make your face look nice. 

Each to their own, but personally, I try not to bring my best best makeup and brushes, just incase I loose or damage them. If the heavens open and it pours down with rain, you're makeup isn't going to be too safe in your tent, so either make sure it's secured or bring makeup that is your second favorite. 

I wouldn't bother with eyelashes and false nails either. But if you want to have a bit of fun, bring some glitter and wacky coloured lipstick to get with the festival theme. 

No. 10: TICKET. (you'll be going home if you don't have this)
- Just don't be that plonker out of all of you're mates who forgets their ticket. 

Make it your priority or you'll be sent back where you came from. :) 

So there we have it.. 10 things I class as essentials when going to a festival. I lived by this for Parklife back in June (you can read about this here) and every festival before. One thing I will say, is don't panic and unleash another World War if you do forget anything. Like Creamfields and Leeds Festival, a lot of festivals have pop-up shops dotted around that sell clothes and toiletries if you're really struggling. 

Of corse every festival is slightly different. But I can assure you, come rain or shine, you will have the most unbelievable time.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope this has helped anyone out who is going festival-ing soon. Have a wonderful Sunday,

Lots of Love,

All photographs are my own. Taken at Leeds Festival 2013/2014 and Creamfields 2015.
All opinions and step-by-steps are my own. 

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