* Disclaimer: This post is not telling anybody how they should do their brows, nor does it show the correct way to do brows. This is simply how I do my eyebrows every day*

For someone who has not been graced with a hell of amount of brows, I have always struggled to get the 'perfect shape' for my face. Over the past few years in the world of beauty, brows have grown into a pretty big thing. Especially since Cara Delevingne came on the scene. Personally, I think brows are a bloody important part of our faces and it is so important, for me, to get them spot on.

I was a dancer throughout my childhood, and this meant quite a lot of make-up and getting 'dolled up' - and I'm sorry, but bushy eyebrows where not part of the equation. I used to make bi-monthly journeys to my local beautician to get my eye-brows fixed; even with professional help... they were horrendous. It took me a good 2 or 3 years to realise how awful my brows had become and it's probably taken me longer to grow them back. 

Anyways, after years of having crappy brows, I finally found myself having a good brow day the other day. So I thought, why not share the disastrous journey of my eyebrows. It's pretty pathetic but I've finally got to a point where I'm enjoying my brows and the products I use. I never leave the house without them. 

Okay, so I think the above says it all really. My brows were... not the best. What is that shape???? They're worse than upside-down bloody Nike ticks. And on the top picture, they're basically non-existent. All of these pictures were taken around 2012/2013, throughout my years in Secondary School when I was about 14/15/16 years old, but nowadays, although I still don't have much 'brow' to work with, I'm now trying to get more of a full-natural-brow look. 

Ok so these are my natural brows. 
Yep, they're pretty bland and un-'fleeky'. I am lacking some serious arch and the shape is just completely off. Although I am seeing some growth, I never leave the house without my 'brows on'. After my brows being ruined by several beauticians, I never ever let anyone other than myself touch my brows; I pluck and shape them myself. I also stay away from any eyebrow dyes because I'd probably just make a huge mess out of it. 

Since my last brow-themed blog post, which a lot of you seemed to enjoy, I have ditched a few products from my routine and began using cheaper alternatives. My older routine is something I stick to when I've got a lot of time on my hands, whereas this newer, quicker routine is great for those busy mornings before university. 

The products I use are not necessarily complicated, or expensive, but they do a good job for me. Some of you may recognize these products in some of my other posts, but these are the products I return to every time. 

1). Maybelline Brow Drama. Medium Brown/Transparent. 

This drug-store gem is loved by sooo many people, and at £4.99 (Superdrug) you can't really go wrong. It has a bristly brush which is compact on the top for more definition and keeps your brows in place all day long. A lot of higher-branded companies have released many expensive brow gels and to be honest, I don't ever think I'll stray from Maybelline on this one. I use this before I apply any brow product to help my brows maintain their shape. 

2). Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil. Shade 6. 
This one was a freebie (read about it here) and at first, I wasn't too sure about it. I picked up this product in an ELLE Magazine during their feature with Benefit, so the shade of the pencil was a random pick. Luckily, shade 6 is fine for me, although I probably would of preferred a warmer tone. Anyways, this has massively grown on me. It's quick, precise and easy to control to get your brows just how you want them. The full size is £18.50, which personally I find a bit pricey, so when this runs out I'll be returning to my MAC Brow Quad. 

3). LA Girl Pro Conceal. Shade Light Ivory. 
So I have a few of the Pro Concealers, and I absolutely ADORE them! So affordable with brilliant coverage. For my brows, I go for the shade Light Ivory. This particular one is an exact match to my skin tone so it's great for shaping and defining the arch of my brows. I also have the shade Porcelain, but I tend to use this more for strobing or covering any dark circles. And at £2.97, you really can't go wrong. 

4). Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush. 
It doesn't have to be Real Techniques, but a shadow brush works really well for blending out that concealer around your brows. This brush comes as part of a £21.99 set in Boots. I can't seem to find the brush individually priced, but I'm sure plenty of other brands have an alternative. I would also recommend their Brow Brush which is also part of this set; I use this when using my brow shadow quad from MAC

And the below is the finished product, it only took me around three years... *sighs*

Hope you enjoyed this post! And thank you so much for reading!

If you're after a quick and more affordable set of brow products, then this could be for you.

Of corse, if anyone has any other brow-stuff they are loving at the minute, leave a comment in the bar below. I'am forever trying to find the next big thing for my brows. 

Have the most wonderful Wednesday,


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  1. Your eyebrows are perfect! I'm so bad at filling mine in haha I really need to practice it. Would love if you could check out my new post? XX

    The Fashion

    1. It's taken a lot of practice, and they're still not perfect! But thank you, that's so sweet. And of corse xx



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