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Over the weekend, I found myself rooting through my makeup and I found myself choosing Charlotte Tilbury's Dolce Vita palette for my main look. Not Morphe, not MAC; Tilbury. Almost a rarity for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love a premium brand- who doesn't- but with a price tag like that, it's almost criminal to use the product knowing your student, financial situation...

After years of this palette sitting at the top of my wish-list, I finally managed to get my hands on the Dolce Vita as a Christmas present from my parents. As I get older, I am very much beginning to learn that gifting and getting gifts is becoming harder and harder. Now, I much prefer investing in an experience or company rather than anything material.

But... my Mam is one of those 'well you need something to open on Christmas morning' parents... so I remember just thinking 'to hell with it' in Fenwick's and found myself at the Tilbury counter with a Dolce Vita and Colour Chameleon Stick in hand.

The Dolce Vita retails at £39 and contains 4 shadows to create a perfect look. It isn't unique in it's kind however, Tilbury does a whole host of palettes in different colours and attitudes to choose from. I also personally love The Vintage Vamp and The Uptown Girl; they are both a dream. This specific number is a gorgeous bronzed goddess look- something you'd imagine Beyonce to sport- and there is no denying it's beauty.

When it comes to the Colour Chameleon which retails at £19, I went for 'Amber Haze': the stick for green eyes. Firstly, I must say their 'matching' to your specific eye colour is really intriguing and different; even though I only have one eye colour (sadly), I 100% want every single one of them.

'£20 for a eyeshadow stick??!?!! Waaahhhht. You must be kidding' 

But I've found myself neglecting Charlotte Tilbury and I really don't know why?

Now that Morphe is big and bold on the affordable makeup scene, everytime I buy a premium eyeshadow there is always an annoying little voice at the back of my head screaming: 'wow £40 for 4 shadows, Morphe could do you 35 for £21?'. *grunts*. I always thought Tilbury was reasonably priced for the quality of it's cosmetics. My Mam owns nothing but Tilbury so I've always had positive vibes over the brand. But coming back to University after Christmas has made me question my choice of gift.

Indeed I 100% respect premium brands and their products- otherwise I wouldn't have the likes of Tilbury, Laura Mercier and Jo Malone at the heights of my wishlist. But in the mind of a student, I've had more reactions similar to 'wow £39...' not the shared gasp of admiration I experienced.

If I'am completely honest, I use my Colour Chameleon every time I'm off on a night out. It's pencil nature is so convenient and simple and the product itself is so creamy and blendable to create the perfect smoky look. Which I love. But how about a NYX dupe for around £5? Saving you almost £15? And although the pigmentation, shimmer and blendable-ness of the Dolce Vita is also stunning, is it really that much better than Morphe and it's beautiful pigments, shimmers and bold mattes?

Essentially, is it really worth the big brand name? Half of my answer is yes, 100%. But the other half, my student-minded answer, is no.

Of corse I will continue to use and love my Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics, after all, it is CHARLOTTE TILBURY. What a beaut and talent she is. But I think I'll continue to use them rarely and make the product last.... until next Christmas, this palette is my precious *Gollum voice*.

What do you think?

Are you a student and think Charlotte Tilbury is over-priced? Do you respect the premium nature of the brand? Or even, any product recommendations? Let me know.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!

Have the most wonderful of days,



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  1. Charlotte Tillbury's makeup is at the top of my wishlist, I've heard so many good things about their palettes and they're stunning! I agree though, the prices of these big brand names are significantly higher and you can definitely find comparable shades amongst more affordable brands, which is why I stuck to mainly drugstore brands when I was a student. But I can't deny that the beautiful packaging and superior (sometimes) formula makes the brand name products more enjoyable to use, at least for me!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    1. Honestly, it is so stunning but it's definitely something I would ask for as a gift- I can't justify spending that much on a student budget! Thanks for reading :) xxx
      - Lau

  2. I have had my eye on that CT palette for so long, but just like you said in the post i'm a student and I really can't justify spending that kind of money on shit to put on my eyelids haha.. boots will have to do for now! I am so glad I came across your blog, you are doing an amazing job with it.. you should be proud! x

    1. Preach! And half the stuff in Boots isn't even bad. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and reading, I really appreciate it. Hope you have a lovely evening xx
      - Lau



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