Welcome to a monthly dosage of favourites!

This month there has been a few things in particular I have been loving: a bit of a mish mash of everything really. And I thought why not share them with you all. I absolutely love looking at everyone else's monthly favourites so I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy stalking what everyone else has been loving recently.

1) SOAP AND GLORY: The Righteous Butter.

An oldie but a goodie! I remember way back when Soap and Glory first came on the scene and I used to get so many of their gift-sets for Christmas- I don't think I ever finished one of their products. Well now we're in the rainy/cold of seasons, I have turned to the Righteous Butter time and time again this month to keep my skin hydrated and smooth. As a gal with very dry skin, the thick formula of this product really helps me out- especially after the shower and when I've been out in the cold.

For all you bar-attenders out there, this product is also brill for when I get home from work. Working behind a bar can involve having very damp hands for most of the shift (pouring pints, cleaning surfaces with bleach based chemicals etc.) which can really dry out your hands especially. So this has been a saviour for me lately.

BOOTS: The Righteous Butter 300ml, £10.
                             50ml, £2.50.

2) LUSH: Snow Fairy.

Yessss I am still talking about a Christmas product...

Every single one of my friends and family know exactly what to get me when it comes to Christmas time in LUSH: anything Snow Fairy. And this Christmas I received quite a bit of this pink number and I 'am 100% not complaining. I love the stuff and because of it's exclusivity to the festive season, I am so glad I am stocked up for the months ahead. Honestly, I think I use this product every day in the shower; it smells absolutely glorious and really does the job of hydrating and cleansing your skin. It's LUSH (pardon the pun).

Unfortunately, this product will not be returning to stores till the next festivities but if I remember correctly, the small bottles retail at around £4/3 with the medium and large sizes going up to £10 (correct me if I'm wrong!).

3) ZARA: Metal chain, cross-body bag.

Not going to lie I am living for this bag at the minute- I bet all my friends are so sick of me bringing it everywhere I go. I remember spotting this bag in the MetroCentre Zara over Christmas time and instantly loving it. It was the big metal chained strap that really does it for me and I can't get enough of it! I'm not sure if you can get this on their website anymore, but I remember it being priced at around £60 in store.

If you are like me and love a chained strap, they also do numerous other city, cross-body bags in various designs with a huge chain detail- so check it out. Love how this adds something extra to an outfit!

ZARA: Crossbody Bag with Embossed Chain, £89.99.
      Crossbody Bag with Embossed Chain, £79.99.


oKAY. When it comes to this favourite, I think saying 'favourite' is a little underestimated. I am freakin' obsessed with RuPaul. If your unaware of what this show is, it's basically a drag-queen competition in America which is hosted by RuPaul. The queens in each series must all compete throughout numerous challenges to become 'America's Next Drag Superstar' alongside many other prizes.

I know this wont be a lot of people's thing- I get it. But I am completely in awe in the transformation of drag, the attitudes of the culture and the stories behind each individual queen on each series. Although I'm only onto season 6 so far, my ALL TIME favourite has to be between Raja and Adore Delano!! Can't get enough of it.

You can find this show on Netflix.
Sashay Away...


OK weird foody favourite of the month. I have been living for ProperCorn throughout February. If anyone's unsure about ProperCorn they're basically a family inspired popcorn company who get popcorn SO right. What I love is that there are no kernels lying at the bottom of the bag like you get with most popcorn and their flavours are so inventive and tasty. I remember picking up a packet at the beginning of February- their standard Sweet and Salty mix- and taking a liking to it straight away.

Basically, the reason I have been loving this so much this month is because of my job. I actually work part-time in Newcastle University's Student's Union on the bar and in the shop and we were lucky enough to be sent some samples over from ProperCorn. So you can imagine my excitement. I managed to try a packet of their Salted, Sweet Peanut and Almond and Vanilla and Coconut flavours which were all equally lush. But I must say, their Peanut and Almond flavour was my favourite. Not only are these sooooo tasty but they are actually quite healthy in regards to calorie content - so give 'em a try!

ProperCorn Sweet n Salty: 90g, Asda £1.59.


When it comes to chokers, they can be very hit and miss for me. I really do think they add that little something to a specific outfit but a lot of the current styles in the high-street have a very grungy feel to them- and that's not entirely my style. However, I have stumbled across these two gems in Primark and River Island recently which have more of a girly, elegant and glam feel about them.

When it comes to jewellery, I am definitely more of a gold than silver gal so these two accessories are right up my street. They are so subtle yet add that something extra to an outfit which I absolutely adore. The Primark choker is a fairly recent purchase and retails at £3 whereas the River Island number was gifted to me in a double-set for Christmas (can't find it online anymore- sorry!). Love!!


7) JO MALONE: Red Roses.

I was so lucky to be gifted a Jo Malone item this Christmas very kindly from my Dad and I was (and still) over the moon about it. After years of being besotted by Jo Malone, I finally received Pomegranate Noir which is my absolute favourite scent of all time. Pomegranate Noir is described as a fruity kinda scent but I feel like it has musky undertones which makes it quite a dark and mysterious cologne. Yet, along with the big bottle I also was gifted two small testers; one by which is Red Roses.

I don't really know what it is with this scent because usually I am not one AT ALL for a floral smell, but it takes me back to my childhood so much. Although it's titled Red Roses, it reminds me of Turkish Delight whilst still being very floral and fragrant; it's honestly a dream. I don't think I'm going so far to say it's more beautiful than Pomegranate Noir (in my opinion) but it's been my go to spritz for February and not just because it's been Valentines!!

Red Roses 100ml: £88, Jo Malone.
           30ml: £44, Jo Malone.
Pomegranate Noir 100ml: £88, Jo Malone.
                  30ml: £44, Jo Malone.     

So there we have it. My monthly faves.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave me any links to your monthly favourites in the comments bar below so I can continue to be nosy and look at what you lot were excited about throughout Feb.

Hope you've had a wonderful Tuesday, 



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  1. That bag is gorgeous :) I also love soap and glory :)

    Rachael xx.

    1. Isn't it just! I'm dying for the others from Zara. Thanks for reading!
      - Lau xx
      Life Of Lau

  2. Yaaaaas to ProperCorn! I love Soap&Glory so much, I get their gift sets almost every year from family members who know i'm obsessed! Love classic Hand Food. They did a sugar crush version of the body butter though and I have to say I hated it!
    Kate || www.katerattley.com

    1. I know right- Hand Food is also fab! I love the sugar crush scent but not tried the body butter version yet, I might stay clear! Thank you for reading,
      -Lau xx
      Life Of Lau



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