STUDENT EDIT: Affordable Makeup Steals


I'm a student and with the student title, unfortunately it means I don't have a whole lot of dollar to spend on the finer things in life. So when it comes to re-stocking my favourite makeup it can be a bit of a pain when you usually opt for premium brands. 

If your a student yourself, you'll understand the pain of walking through Fenwick's or Selfridge's knowing you only have around £11.50 in your bank to last you till the end of the month... even though you reealllly want that new Charlotte Tilbury palette. I've been there, got the t-shirt. Actually, I'm probably the mayor of there. 

Anyhow, coming to university has actually made me a lot smarter with my cash and I have learnt that my money can go a lot further in regards to beauty, you just need to know where to look. 

So here I thought I'd share with you my 7 favourite beauty steals in no specific order; all but 1 under £5. 

1. BABY SHAMPOO, Boots. £1.29.

A lot of people on Instagram, YouTube etc. forever rave about the MAC Brush Cleanser. At £12 it's one of MAC's more affordable products, but how about saving yourself a huge £9.91 and grabbing a bottle of Baby Shampoo instead. 

I usually pick up a bottle of Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo whenever I'm in ASDA or Superdrug to clean my brushes and it works an absolute treat. I do get it, makeup brushes can be bloody expensive so we want to make sure they last the longest time possible and in the best condition, but, there's no need to spend a fortune. I swear by it and have for years now, give it a go!

2. BEAUTY BLENDER, Primark £1.50-£2.
Excuse how filthy these are, I use them a lot!

Sorry, but you wont catch me in a million years paying 16 ENGLISH POUNDS for a makeup SPONGE. Although beautyblender seem to be at the top of their game at the minute, I'm 100% NOT convinced. I even think £5.99 is a bit steep for a sponge of the Real Technique kind. 

As you may know, Primark have, for a while, advertised their new makeup range. Although I'm yet to find out whether their makeup is any good, I really can't fault their makeup sponges. They have a whole variety of singles, minis and two pack sponges which range from £1.50-£2, saving you at least a huge £14.50. The absorbency is excellent, they clean brilliantly and their blending ability is faultless. At the end of the day, it's a sponge so my advice is to keep your options open. 

3. MORPHE PALETTE, (UK)/ Cult Beauty (UK) £21.00-£23.50.
Left: 35F Fall into Frost Palette. Right: 35W. 

Guilttyyyyy, you were probably expecting this one from the beginning. Morphe Palettes are incredible- say no more. Their pigmentation and colour pay-off are the best I have ever used and that's in comparison to premium brands such as MAC and Charlotte Tilbury. 

If you don't already know, the eye-shadow palettes come in sizes of 12 and 35 shadows and they've even brought out singular pots and pans if you fancy instead. Most include a range of shimmer, matte and pigment shadows (depending on the nature of the palette) and there's a whole range to choose from. They also have a range of blush, bronzer and concealer palettes too so check them out. 

Luckily, I managed to get my hands on the 35W and 35F which are both beautiful. Both palettes are a mix of shimmer and matte shades but 35W is more of a neutral and brown collection whereas 35F includes a range of frosted pinks, oranges and browns.

But I do feel like these two aren't enough! I would love to get my hands on the 35OM, 35T and 35B. As a student, I probably don't need that many eyeshadows in my life but they're just soooo pretty. 

Anyhow, 35 shadows for £21 on BeautyBay, who can argue with that? Just make sure your fast, they sell out ridiculously quick. 

4. LA GIRL HD CONCEALER, Ebay £2.29 + Free Delivery/ BeautyBay £5. 
Far left: Toast. Central horizontal: Porcelain. Central Vertical: Light Ivory. Right: Porcelain. 

Want a high-coverage, long lasting concealer for just £2.29? 

LA Girl HD Concealers are the most affordable, high coverage, non creasing concealer I have personally ever came across. Every man and their dog on YouTube seems to have the Urban Decay Naked Skin Conealer which would set you back £19. Not going to lie, this concealer is on my wish list at the minute but in true student nature, my bank balance really isn't agreeing with me. So I need to find an alternative and LA Girl fits the bill. 

Although online beauty hubs such as BeautyBay have started selling this brand, EBay is the place to be for these concealers. I know when it comes to EBay and Amazon, a lot of people can feel their products aren't authentic but not all EBay sellers are like that. I have purchased all of my LA Girl concealers from EBay and I must be on my 5th or 6th now and never had any problems. 

I'am always reaching for these to accentuate the shape of my brows, hide my dark circles or cover blemishes; it does all three brilliantly! Personally I am very fair, so I always go for the lightest shades: Porcelain and Light Ivory and a medium shade: Toast for contouring. When I need to restock I do think I'm going to try out the green corrector shade so I'll write a review when I do. 

But 10/10 for these concealers on quality and price. Really can't go wrong. 

5. COLLECTION FAST STROKE EYE LINER, Black. Superdrug £2.99. 

Another holy-grail of mine. 

I've been using this little gem since I started dancing back in 2008. Cheap and cheerful, this eyeliner was a staple in my dancing makeup box and it still is at the age of 20. First of all let us talk about the price: £2.99 is absolutely excellent for any eyeliner. Although the range includes a brown and waterproof shade, their black colour is the blackest of black and the applicator is great and easy to handle when drawing the perfect wing. 

Ok, I know a lot of people prefer a gel liner (Anastasia Beverly Hills Gel Liner £18, Cult Beauty and Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner £20, BeautyBay), but this applicator works well for me and at £2.29 just give it a try, it's not exactly going to break the bank. 

Just make sure you repurchase once the product starts to dry up (like any eyeliner) as the tip can become a little dry and flimsy. 

6. KIKO Colour Sphere Eyeshadows. SALE PURCHASE: £2.90 each.
Left: 23 Right: 06. 

Gotta be honest with you, I never find myself wandering over to the single potted eyeshadows in ANY beauty department. I always go for a palette; they're usually best value for money and all organised into a specific look or tone ready for you to buy and slap it on your face. Well this one is a lil different. These two KIKO eyeshadows were part of their huge sale and luckily I managed to grab these two beauties. 

These are baked eyeshadows and are honestly really shimmery and still have great pigmentation. I know the colours are a bit of a bizarre choice but I can't say I have many greens in my collection so why not? And at £2.90 who can argue with that? Not me! Grab them quick. 

7. Superdrug Eyelashes, Natural Lash Edition 14. £2.77. 

Last but by no means least, we have these amazingly affordable eyelashes. I'm a bit of a brand whore when it comes to lashes; I stick with Ardell or Eylure because I have always used them and I'm used to them (not gonna lie when I bought these Superdrug lashes I did pick up a pair of Eylure too.. oops). But the last time I was in Superdrug my friend Izzy encouraged me to try them out and I thought at £2.77, what have I got to lose. 

Honestly, they are my new found favourite: I am never going back to Eylure or Ardell for fluttery, full night-time lashes. Amazing fit, gorgeously light-weight and ridiculously affordable. Student or not, you need to try this range out. 

P.S. I must say, the glue is not the best so make sure you have an Eylure or DUO glue handy when applying. 

So there we have it. 

My 7, affordable beauty steals. Student or not I hope this has helped. 
I am forever on the hunt for affordable makeup so if this post was right up your street then let me know in the comments bar below.

Admittedly, I am the ultimate sucker for the premium brand and luxury product but sometimes, it's not always the best. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and honestly thank you for reading. 

Have the most wonderful Monday, 

Lots of love, 

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  1. I love Primark's beauty blenders! xxx

    1. I do too! Such a steal, thanks for reading b! xxx
      Life Of Lau

  2. Loving your post, i love the real techniques brushes, i myself need to get more!! The la girl pro concealer is life!! have you ever tried the la girl pro primer, its amamzing, i recently did a review on it on my blog, and i have been wanting that morphe palette for ages but living where i live its kinda hard getting certain things but i will get it one day hopefully, again love everything you shared

    1. Aw thank you so much! But no I haven't I'll definitely read your review and give it a go. 100% try and get your hands on a Morphe if your quick, they sell out super fast but so worth it. Thank you for reading honey xx
      Life Of Lau

  3. The Morphe palette looks so pretty!



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