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So I found myself really appreciating a lipstick the other day (as you do..) and thought bloody hell... there are so many brands nowadays competing for the 'best' liquid lip. From NYX and MAC to Jeffree Star and Kylie Cosmetics, finding the longest-lasting or the brightest matte shade is the new must-have. And I'm totally in love with it all. I can't get enough of a liquid lip. The matter the better for me. 

One brand who I am really in love with when it comes to mattes is Lime Crime

Although I must admit, I am still fairly a newbee to the brand itself, I have heard excellent reviews from friends and tested out a few of their other products. 

Lime Crime and their 'Velvetines' have been big hitters for years now. I remember when they first started out and only stocked the staple Velvetines which I believe were Suedeberry, Red Velvet and Black Velvet. I 100% remember my manager coming into work rocking Red Velvet and us both being completely star struck that she didn't need a liner to make her lips look so crisp and neat! Back then they seemed to be one of a kind but now, they have over 20 shades and many other products worthy of appreciation. 

Personally, I own the shade Riot which is an earthy, brick-red kinda colour- very similar to MAC Chile- and I have several other shades at the height of my wishlist. Payday this month is gonna be feeling very Cashmere, Saddle, Buffy and Gigi, I must say.

One thing about Lime Crime which I have a love/hate relationship with however, is their packaging. Yes their Velvetine packaging is adorable, I can live with that, but for me, I want my makeup looking sleek, black and matte if possible- so the unicorn inspired, pastel colour schemed arrangement is not reaaallly my favourite part. But at the end of the day it's the product which counts so I can live with it I guess. 

Velvetines retail on ASOS at £15 but sometimes drop in their beauty sales and can be used for student discount so they're really not pricey at all. The packaging appears to cram a whole load of product inside, which obviously is good, and the product itself is very long-lasting on the lips so several re-applications is unnecessary- even on a heavy night dwn toon. Value for money is right up there!

Last Image with Flash. 

'Long-lasting-ness': 8 

  • I had to reapply twice, which is still pretty good considering I ate and drank (a lot) with it on, but I don't think it deserves higher than 8.
Colour: 8

  • Amazing brick-red brown, earthy shade but... in some lights the colour can alter. I wore this in Edinburgh and it looked more like a Russian Red than a brick-red. Same goes for skin- ne/shade too. Bare this in mind! Still a beaut colour though. 
Patchy?: 10

  • Really didn't have any issues with patchiness with this one! The colour glided on without any problems. 
Price: 8.5

  • At £15 and cheaper in some places we really can't argue when higher-end makeup brands sell liquid lips for double the price. Yet, drug-store brands like NYX and Gerard Cosmetics go even cheaper so Lime Crime aren't the cheapest on the market I'm afraid. 
So next time you find yourself hunting through the Kylie Cosmetics site rushing to the checkout before the shade sells out, just remember Lime Crime is here and readily available on many websites. You will not be disappointed!!

Hope you enjoyed this appreciation post. Please please please if you have any of the other Velvetine shades do let me know your thoughts and favourites, I would love to know so I can extend my very tiny collection. 

Have the most wonderful Tuesday, 


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  1. I only tried Shroom once and I loved it! I love how it is liquidy and dries all matte. I am kind of conflictuated when it comes to buying anything from Lime Crime, but Riot is actually the shade of my dreams, I've had it in my cart for the longest time and I am looking for dupes without rest, it does look beautiful on you!

    Cy | Dulce de Mango

    1. I love Shroom too!! Aaaahh I just love them all haha, but Riot is honestly so beautiful. Thanks so much for reading,
      - Lau xx
      Life Of Lau



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