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As promised, today I'm going to give a run down of my second day in London and what we got up too. I must say, after boozing on Thursday evening, we all weren't feeling on top form but luckily two breakfasts and an amazing lunch sorted me right out! Oh and plenty of coffee... 

My first stop of the day was breakfast in the hotel which was simple but 100% effective at sorting me out. It went on from 7-8:30 so it was incredibly painful dragging myself out of bed but it was worth it. There's just something about croissants and fruit I can't get enough of??? I went for the granola, yogurt and fruit combo with a cappuccino. 

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any pictures/social media involvement at the first event so I haven't got any images of how amazing the food was *cries*. But it was honestly amazing- smoothies, fruit, pastries, macarons, bloomers, sandwiches, salads... the list goes on. 

Throughout the trip I was also in charge of the university's careers Facebook/Instagram/Twitter pages so the preference of no social media was a bit of a bummer... but respecting people's wishes is incredibly important, so I managed. 

After our Canary Wharf event, our second visit was over in Westminster at the Civil Service. Before this trip, I had never considered being a civil servant but it's definitely an option now- so insightful and inspiring to see what they do for our country and how much importance and responsibility they have! The session was very interactive which woke us all up a bit and the coffee, tea and biscuits provided also helped. 

Once the session came to a close, it was officially the end of our time in London which we were all incredibly saddened by. Sometimes, being a student can feel very permanent and all you begin to care about is the next assignment deadline or the next night out... when really in less than a few years you'll be out in the world of work trying to find your way.

Although we were only there for two days and one evening, this trip has definitely given me the kick up the backside I needed. I'm not saying I'm a lazy student- because I'm not, I always do the readings, the pre-work and attend every lecture- but it's the reality check that a lot of students need and I'm so grateful to have had the experience.

If your at university, I have four words of advice: USE YOUR CAREERS SERVICE. They really know what they're taking about and can honestly open doors for you.

Almost everyone on the programme has walked away with not only 2 days in London and several experiences with major employers but also some kind of internship, work experience/shadowing or interview which is amazing.

'Here's to the future' Right? 

Hope you enjoyed this post and enjoyed reading about my experience in London! Really do apologies about the lack of images but it was out of my hands.

Have a wonderful Sunday,



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  1. These pictures are pretty, love your outfit in them! You are doing amazing with your blog lovely, keep it up! x

    1. Thank you Adele, such sweet comments! Glad you enjoyed the read, - Lau x

  2. I will definitely bear this in mind for when I go to Uni! xx BTW: you're stunning! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Thank you honey! and thanks for reading!
      - Lau xx



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