'A nerd, a gym-freak and a Starbucks Barista' TAG: The One Lovely Blog Award


Today's post is a TAG post, more specifically the 'One Lovely Blog Award' tag.

I was very kindly nominated for this tag by Marina Writes Life which is such a sweet and kind thing to do- so thank you Marina! She has a lovely blog which I am a regular reader of- you can check her out here!

This is my first ever time doing a tag so I'm a lil apprehensive but this basically involves me sharing 7 facts about myself: but nothing ridiculously tame like 'my name is Laura not Lau' because where would be the fun in that??? You can go to my 'about' page for that. But also... don't get too excited I'm not gonna reveal anything too gritty- Christ!

Right lets get to it: here's the rules! (dun, dun, dunnn)

  • Once nominated, you must write a post about the award (writers block? look no further).
  • Share 7 interesting facts about yourself that your readers don't know! (Make it interesting ppl!!)
  • Nominate as many bloggers as you like (max 15) to do the tag as well and let them know you've nominated them!

  • Here we go...

    1. I am a Harry Potter SUPER-FAN- And I am totally unashamed. If you say you hate Harry Potter your 100% fibbing yourself. I'm not even continue into why Harry Potter is so amazing because everyone knows it and JK Rowling is an absolute Queen. Favourite film/book has to be Goblet of Fire for sure. And if you haven't seen Harry Potter or you watch that Twilight crap instead then please stop reading this and go watch the Philosopher's Stone. Thanks :) p.s. I went to the Harry Potter studios in London for my 18th.. I think that says it all really. 

    2. I'm a Starbucks Barista- yasss I work in a Starbucks inside our Student's Union at University. Ok... so it's not a proper, individual Starbucks but technically I'm still trained to do all the same stuff the 'real' baristas do. It's really fun and I actually really enjoy making coffees with all the different syrups and steps etc, so going to work most days isn't a chore at all. Is that sad? Probably. But who cares? Naht me. 

    3. Me and my family opened the Disney Park in Florida- Right, a little flashback here but it's probably one of the cutest and most memorable memories I have from my childhood. Basically, Disney choose a family every morning in Florida to open the gates of Disney World, throw some of Tinkerbell's pixie dust into the crowd and dance around like idiots with the Disney characters before any one else has chance (8 year old me is going crazy right now). Anyways, we were lucky enough to get picked! How cool! And I still remember it clear as day today <3 

    4. I'm 'un-proudly' addicted to the gym- A lot of you reading this might be like 'pfftttt yawn ok we get it, you go to the gym whatever' but I think I'm addicted to the place. I must go around 4 times a week in between university and my part-time job and I haven't decided whether it's a good or bad addiction? Anyways.. I attend Pure Gym and I love it. I'm currently writing a blog post on my fitness routine and all that jazz so if that's your kinda thang then keep yourself updated w this space!

    5. I am the biggest NERD- there is honestly nothing better than having your sh*t together right? I make lists, I give myself chores and deadlines and I always make sure any pre-seminar work is always done unless there is exceptional circumstances. Every time I go to a lecture I remind myself of how much of a nerd I am because most times I am genuinely interested in what is being taught and not just sitting there half asleep. I know this should be the case for every student but at a 9am on a Monday morning it can be quite the task. Nerd alert. 

    6. I'm in a long-distance relationship- Don't want to bore you with very personal stuff like this but me and my boyfriend are in a long-distance relationship like a lot of couples are during university. I'm in Newcastle and he's in Manchester but we make it work and I honestly think it's made us stronger as a couple, even though it can be difficult at times. March 2017 marks our third year together so we must be doing something right!

    7. I'm a Journalism student but I'm not sure if Journalism is my career path- YES I know.. this sounds incredibly ridiculous, but, I'm not sure whether straight Journalism is my life plan. I absolutely love writing in a journalistic style, and blogging (hence this space), but I've grown very interested in marketing, branding and social media recently which has questioned my whole degree. Luckily, my degree is Journalism, Media and Culture which means it is very broad and not just revolved around Journalism in it's pure form- thank god! So my doors are open very widely... it's just deciding what I exactly want to specialise in!

    So there we have it: a little bit more of myself on the internet! This is the first TAG I've done and I enjoyed it.

    The blogs I'm nominating are:

    I love reading and keeping up to date with your blogs so here's a tag to show my appreciation and let you all know how well you are doing.

    Hope you all have fun participating and doing something a little different!



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    1. My sister couldn't be more obsessed with Harry Potter.. she's legit got the elder wand, gryffindor scarves, you name it! And I can't believe you're a barista; every single time I'm in Starbucks, I feel like the job looks so bloody cool! Loved this post Lau, thanks so much for the kind words! xx
      Lots of love,
      Marina Rosie xx

      1. Sooo jealous that your sisters got an Elder wand!! I've seen a set of Harry Potter wand inspired makeup brushes somewhere they look so cool! And yeah being a barista is really fun.
        Glad you enjoyed the read, and no worries, hope you have a lovely day!
        - Lau xx

    2. Omg, yes to Goblet of Fire being the best book! :D I'm still a little salty that I didn't get to visit any of the HP sights when I was in London 2 years ago, nor have I visited HP world in Universal Studio yet. One day!!

      That's awesome that you got to open the Disney Park, I didn't even know that was a thing! :D

      Jenny // Geeky Posh

      1. I know right- definitely the best one! I'm yet to go to the Orlando HP Studio but I'm dying to! Thanks for reading-
        Lau xx

        Life Of Lau

    3. Love this Tag post!
      And love you more cause Starbucks is my life! (even if I'm italian and there is no starbucks in Italy:( )
      With love,

      1. Thank you Dasynka, glad you enjoyed the read!
        - Lau xx
        Life Of Lau

    4. I loved reading this post! And thank you so much for nominating me Lau! I'll do the tag on my blog as soon as possible ;)

      1. Aw good I'm glad you enjoyed! And not a problem I love reading your blog, just let me know when you do the tag so I can have a read. Have a great day!
        - Lau xx

    5. Hi Lau! I've done this TAG on my blog because of your nomination so you can see it now! :) Hope you like it! xxx

      1. Great! I'll head over to your blog now- thanks for letting me know.
        - Lau xx



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