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Okay, so I think it's fair to say that festival season is in full swing. Glastonbury weekender is upon us and the UK has been serving us some pretty spectacular sun recently. 

Although festival season is technically over for me *cries*, I just can't help myself looking at festival faces, outfits and experiences plastered all over social media. IT'S TORTURE. So, to help numb my pain, I thought I'd share a few things that have been makeup essentials at both We Are Fstvl and Parklife 2017; from glitz to the basic full-coverage necessities. Although I don't usually go all out completely with glitter and rhinestones and face jewelry (because usually it rains and it get's spoilt anyways), I thought I'd just give a lil inspo post for one of the most exciting times of the year. 

Numero Uno: A good, solid, "I'm not moving all day" foundation. 

My pick for this is the holy grail, MAC's Studio Fix. Although this isn't my daily go-to anymore, this product serves a build-able coverage which is perfect for festivals. Remember girls, or guys, our makeup most-likely will be a mess by 5pm. Whether it's due to typical British weather, a few splashes of mud or your new setting spray failing you, we kinda have to accept that we aren't going to look like those fab insta-girls at Coachella. So, get yourself a build-able or full coverage foundation (obviously depending on your skin type) and cake it on. I mean don't go drag race on me but just put a little extra on than you usually would and hopefully like me, your base will last that little bit longer. 

A few others to check out are Milani's Conceal and Perfect foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear (for the higher end) and Urban Decay's All Nighter

MAC's studio fix retails at £23.50. 

And if you've got yourself a good foundation, then make sure you've got yourself a good setting powder too. If your a stranger to 'baking' your face, then I would 100% recommend doing this before heading out to a festival. I started baking my face around the beginning of this year and I am never going back, my makeup doesn't budge!

I went for a cheap alternative for this and opted for a Collection Loose Powder due to it being included in a 3 for 2 deal and you know what? It's pretty good. It kept my makeup solid and prevented any eye-lid or under-eye creasing. At just £2.99 I really, really can't complain. 

2. All that glitz

Are you really a girl if you went to a festival and didn't flaunt some glitter???? 

'Aint going to lie, I bloody love it. Whether it be a flashy pigment or a loose glitter, I just can't help myself when it comes to getting dolled up on the morning of the festival. For We Are Fstvl I stuck to my pigments mainly but I did buy some cheap glitter liners for Parklife which I used both days. The two I picked up are the Glam Crystal liners from Collection which happened to be on 3 for 2 when I visited Boots! I chose strategically here however, because I always go for a gold or a bronze eye so I thought I'd switch it up and go for blue and a silver, holographic styled number. They both worked a treat! 

If you have sensitive skin or sensitive eyes like me, I would 100% recommend going for a liner rather than a loose glitter just to prevent irritation when at the festival. These liners worked brilliant the first day but I must say they did cause me a lot of irritation on the second day but I think that may be also due to lack of sleep and puffiness of my eyes in general. But just a heads up!

These were priced at £2.99 each from Boots and in the shade Night Fever 9 (royal blue) and Hustle 4 (silver). 

3. Out-there lips. 

Although I didn't sport this look personally, one thing I saw a lot of at both festivals was bright lips and two colours which I wish I'd brought with me was two of the MAC kind: Morange and Heroine. Morange, a vivid orange, and Heroine, a bright purple, would've been perfect for adding that extra pop of colour to an outfit. 

And if you don't want to sport them on your lips, then apply them to your eyes and let the colour pop there instead. I did a blogpost on lipstick for eyeshadow last year after Parklife 2016 so check it out here if your interested!

MAC's lipsticks retail at £16.50. 

4. Pigments for highlighter?  

So whilst we're speaking about lipstick for eyeshadow, why not mix it up that little bit more and suggest pigments for highlighters? When it comes to eyeshadows, I honestly think that for a festival, only one morphe palette is needed. They provide such a wide variety of shades and finishes and can produce a whole load of different looks! 

I brought 35F along with me due to this exact reason and found myself dipping into the pigments to not only add a shimmer to my eyes but also accentuate those cheek bones, cupids bow, forehead and pretty much anywhere I thought needed that extra bit of umph! And I was honestly so thrilled by the way it looked; I even went for the more bronzed and golden pigments rather than your typical champagne colours to experiment! Who knew Morphe palettes had even more to offer!

To compliment these pigments I also brought along one of my old festival holy grails which I used to DEATH at Creamfields 15/16. It's this little (although tired looking) colour tattoo from Maybelline. These 24 hour cream-to-powder colours are so long-lasting and pigmented and can too double up as an illuminator and eyeshadow; perfect when creating that festival, sun-kissed look. 

Morphe palettes retail at £22 and the Maybelline 24-hour Colour Tattoos retail at £5.99. 

5. Gypsy/Face-gem vibes. 

One thing I missed the mark on this year is face gems and rhinestones. At both festivals I attended, it was almost a rarity to not be sporting some of these gems. I mean, these things may be a struggle if your camping but they really did add something extra to an outfit. A lot of the girls and guys I seen wearing face gems often had a fairly simple outfit with wellies/boots but went that extra mile with their accessories and glitz. 

The gypsy-esque feel they gave off was just stunning and I will definitely aim to sport something similar next year. Many sets, like the ones I've included below, retail at around £10 but I honestly think you could pay just 10% of this price by visiting an arts and crafts store and doing it yourself. Easy peasy! 

The Gypsy Shrine: SHR X Mermaid Crown All in One Face @ Beauty Bay

The Gypsy Shrine Unicorn Face Jewels @ Pretty Little Thing.

So there we have it 5 of my beauty must-haves for the festival season.
If your reading this and have an upcoming festival, I am extremely jealous but I hope you have the most amazing time. 

I have two belated reviews upcoming for Parklife and We Are Fstvl and I would love to hear your opinions if you attended or wishing to attend next year so keep your eyes out for that. 

And last but no means least, thank you so much for reading and getting to the end of this post!

Hope you enjoyed it,

Have the most wonderful Friday!

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  1. I feel the same way! I'm not going to any festivals but I love looking at festival makeup! both of the lipsticks look stunning xx Brynnie

    1. Me too, it's kinda addictive! Thanks for reading Brynnie,

      Life Of Lau



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