"2nd year? Completed it mate"


Exams are over, assignments are submitted and I finally feel like I have my head screwed on correctly after celebrating over the past week or so.

It's official, this space is back in business.

Every student, whether they be A-level, Degree level or GCSE level, will all tell you that from April to June, there is absolutely no time or space for fun and games. Having the stress of approaching exams or coursework and balancing a part-time job and social life ('cus that's important too right?) is bloody well difficult. And I totally agree. The whole month of May for me was living HELL but it feels soooo good to finally get some time to myself and update this lil part of my life (as she says whilst typing this from her part-time job.. hmm).

So all negativity out the window and optimism in: time to get excited for summer! And speaking of such, I am absolutely LIVING for some of the insane sun Newcastle is serving at the moment and what's better than making an effort with an outfit when the suns out?? I love it. After months of wearing baggy jumpers with gym leggings and trainers it has been an absolute joy to make an effort with my outfits lately: skirts, sandals and sunglasses for days.

So alongside this little catch up (with many scheduled posts to come), I thought I'd do a little date night OOTD from the weekend. Me and my boyfriend, James, went to a place I'm sure most will of heard of: Akbars. I absolutely love an Indian as much as the next but I've always classed Akbars as somewhere that 'little bit nicer' than your standard takeaway. As always, it was divine, 100% recommend. Buuuutttt if your wanting a bit of a nicer evening meal, I would suggest to go late in the evening, after the tea-time rush, because we totally felt as if we were rushed out of the place which was a bit disappointing because we were celebrating some really great news. But aside from that, who doesn't love a naan bread the size of a small rug??? The majority of my visits to Akbars have been positive so this time won't stop me from heading back.

Anyways, all items will be listed below as always.
Hope your Tuesday is a wonderful one; it feels so good to be back.


{Some items are last season Zara and RI so I've tagged similar pieces instead}


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